The purpose of this policy is to explain the company’s costumes in relation to the privacy of their online users, and the way the company uses the information it has received by the online users or gathered by the company through the website. Excluding if explicitly noted, defined terms will have the same meaning that was given to them in the terms of using agreement.

1.1 The user’s personal details (including email address) and\or personal information and\or identification details (as follows “personal information”) in which the company receives from the costumer while placing an order, are meant for purchasing items without any mistakes made and\or fault that may prevent the costumers receiving of items that were ordered and purchased by him\her.

1.2 The customer’s personal information, as well as information regarding purchases made online (as follows “information”), will be saved in the data base of the website accordingly to the Israeli privacy protection law 1981, and will be used according to the instructions of this paragraph and\or according to the provisions of any law.

1.3 The company is making commercial efforts in order to protect the wholeness of information and security of information from any third party accesses. The gathering of information and confidential keeping are taking place in a secure surrounding – the company uses a combination of a security technology system, as well as protection of the website with encryption technology. Furthermore, the company uses security practices and other organizational measures to protect the information from any accesses and\or use and\or exposure to unauthorized company representatives and\or third parties pursuant to the agreement and\or the law.

1.4 Additionally, as detailed in the terms and conditions agreement, the credit card clearing of purchasers via the company’s website will be done through the payment provider, and the company will not save credit card details that where given by the website users in its server.

1.5 In part, the website and\or the services given in the website require registration. During registration, one must provide personal information, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, for instance your full name and Email address (as follows the “registration”). Therefore, by giving this information one declares that the personal information that is given to the company during registration is being done with free will and absolute agreement.

1.6 The company will be allowed to occasionally send commercial adds via Email,  accordingly to the instructions of the communication law (the Israeli telecommunication company and broadcast) (amendment number 40) 2008 (“the spam law”). The company is allowed to use information given in the website – and information it will collect regarding using patterns of the website – in order to improve the services given in the website and\or in any other way the company provides, to contact the user in case of need and accordingly to the spam law, or in order to analyze and provide statistical information to third parties. As stated, third parties and\or their employee’s and\or who on their behalf are forbidden to use the personal information for any other purpose, other than stated in this paragraph.

1.7 In different cases that are out of the control of the company and\or are results of force majeure, the company will not take responsibility of any damages, indirect or direct, that may be caused to a customer or who on its behalf. Furthermore, the company will take no responsibility for information that will be misplaced, and\or make its way in to hostile hands, and\or will be used without permission.



  1. 1 . The company and\or the website management and\or who in their behalf will not be held responsible and will not bear any damage: direct, indirect, consequential or special, that has or will come upon a costumer and\or a website user and\or a purchaser and\or a third party, as result of using and\or buying via the company’s website, in case of using not accordingly to this establishment of standards – shall cause the prosecution which shall – including income loss and\or preventing profit that may be caused by any reason, which in this case the company keeps its prerogative to cancel the specific purchase of the customer.


  1. In case of a mistake in the description of an item in the website, the company and\or website management will not be compelled.


  1. The pictures of the items that are presented in the website are meant for illustrative purposes only, some differences can be finding between some or all of the pictures in the website to the actual item sold.
  2. Under any circumstance, the company will not take financial responsibility that is more than the value of the perched item and will not take any responsibility for damage that is not direct and\or any consequential damage.
  3. The company is not responsible for any use that will be done by the customer and\or the online buyer that is not to be in line with the instructions of the manufacture and\or the company.

6   .  The website management will not be held responsible for delays in supply of items that are outcome of events that are out of the company’s control, for example: different problems, delays, cessation from work, natural disasters, problems with the computing system or phone system or Email service problems that will interrupt the perches process. Nonetheless, the website management will do it’s very best to provide high quality items in the standard amount of time.

  1. A customer that feels the items purchased or the services given via the website are flawed can contact the company’s customer service, and her complaint will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Customer service phone:   0775120513

Customer service Email: