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Savanna Collection

An exciting collection inspired by the Savannah of Africa, a combination of desert tones and olive green. Brown Integration Collection

The collection combines rare materials of real pearls seashells and gold-plated shell shell pendants wood elements from a bar

The collection contains statement necklaces, earrings with stunning pendants and gorgeous bracelets
Hope you like it!

Mystical Collection

Mystical collection, is a very special collection to me!
Part of my inspiration for the collection are astrology signs and mystical symbols.
In the collection you can find ngorgeous necklaces full of presance, long earrings and amazing bracelets with your astrology sign of choice! and more..
I hope you’ll like it!

Terra Cotta Collection

Terra Cotta Collection, a very exciting collection that I’ve dreamed about for so long!

In this collection you can find all unique elements that are very sentimental for me. Unique vintage elements, Boho-chic at it’s finest in desert shades.



Greece Collection

.The gorgeous Greece Collection is a mediterranean collection inspired by the beaches in greece, the turquoise and blue ocean shades, the seashells and natural sand shades

.Featured amazing pendants of fish and the eye against bad luck . Gold and silver plated elements

!The perfect collection for a total chic-look that will make you feel everyday you’re in vacation



Flow Collection

The amazing flow collection was inspired by various textures, lights and shadows and the combination of colors and special shapes.

The collection is a festive one, pleasant and soft, with pastel colors but with a huge presence.

Resort Collection

The new Resort collection contains a whole story about all the most exotic, most beautiful and dreamy places that we all would like to spend in right now!

The collection inspired by a tropical and exotic fruits, white and beautiful beaches and a gorgeous resort that you want to live in forever!

Hope you will love it,


Boho Dream Collection

The Boho Dream collection was born out of a passion for style, freedom and ethnic motifs with folkloric influences.

 Bohemian chic is not just a style but a way of life.

 The collection ornate gorgeous pastel colors, interesting shapes and special combinations that complete the bohemian and free look I wanted to create.

Jeans Collection

For a long time, I have had a dream of making a jeans collection!

 Jeans is the most timeless item there is! And it integrates with us in all areas of life, fashion, textiles, design and now also jewelry!

 So, here is the most rubbed, up-to-date collection of ours!

Botanic Collection

The Botanic Collection is a story about a magical and beautiful garden with succulent, cactus and all the most beautiful elements nature has to offer.

 In this collection I used natural, green, nude and turquoise colors along with handmade olive wood beads.

 I created for this collection a unique and gorgeous pendant in a form of succulent, and I’m just in love with it!

 Hope you will fall in love like I do,


Marble Collection

Imagine that you are at the beach, gathering the most unique elements of nature …

 That’s how I felt when I created the Marble collection.

 The special textures of marble stones and pebbles – a world of natural colors that you can’t help but fall in love with.

 In this collection I used new and varied raw materials, diamond and hexagonal pendants, bohemian-style cotton tassels and vintage metals in silver and brass. Of course, it is impossible not to combine the unique olive tree pendants with wood and acryl beads in shapes and textures reminiscent of the ocean…

 Hope you’ll love it like I do,


Glam Collection

Chic. Style. Sequins

The Glam Collection items are all that is right to create a perfect evening!

The collection combines uniquely designed statement necklaces alongside classic and timeless items!

The colors of the collection are undoubtedly the winning colors for a chic and glamorous look!

Island Collection

This collection is a dream about a vacation in a distant place, on an exotic island where the sand is so golden, the color of the sky is light blue, and the silence is endless…!
The colors of the collection are the embodiment of the small elements on that island… The pink salmon reminds me of a romantic sunset, a yellow banana that is soft and a caressing sun…
The metals in the collection were created especially for the jewelry I imagined. The combination of the unique olive tree with metal paint and pastel touches are the perfect elements to go out with for a dream vacation!
And after all that, you have to choose your favorite jewel and order a flight ticket…

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